24 February 2015 by Administrator


Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCAM) will provide the highest reasonable standard of safety within the organization which it plan, provides and operates by identifying and minimizing those risks arising from DCAM’s activities to as low as reasonably practicable.

DCAM will regard the safety of the organization as the most important consideration throughout all its activities.

Safety is an integral part of the provision of an efficient, effective air transportation system. All managers are accountable for the performance of their areas of responsibility.

DCAM will continue to adopt explicit safety standards which comply with statutory obligations and with the safety requirements of the regulatory divisions.

DCAM will develop a culture among all managers and staff which fosters an increasing understanding of the importance of safety in all our activities and the resultant responsibility of each individual. It will provide the environment, support and training necessary to achieve this goal.

DCAM will ensure that the systems and technology it uses, whether developed internally or bought externally, meet specified and appropriate system safety standards. Similarly, it will ensure that maintenance of these systems are carried out by sub-contractors that meet DCAM’s safety standards and requirements.

Director General
1 Feb 2015