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The following Questions and Answers are related to Pilot License.

1. I have changed address, how do I notify the CAAM?

Changes of address shall be made in writing by letter or fax. You shall quote your ATPL/CPL/PPL License and IC No. together with your new address. Address changes can also be affected when you next renew your license.

2. My license has been stolen or is lost, how do I obtain a replacement?

1. Lodge a Police Report.
2. Submit a new application along with the Police Report for the CAAM to reissue another license.
3. Pay a processing fee of RM20.00.

3. Can I continue to fly before reissue of my lost license?

Yes, after obtaining a temporary license and is valid only within Malaysia.

4. I have lost my logbook, what shall I do?

1. Lodge a Police Report.
2. Submit a written application along with the Police Report, detailing your flying hours to the best of your knowledge. The flying hours should be completed into categories in conjunction with the applicable license requirements. This is required in order for the CAAM to verify and endorse your flying experience in your new logbook.

5. What is the experience requirements for the issue of pilot’s license?

For PPL – The syllabus of flying training must provide for a minimum of 40 hrs of flight time, which should be carried out in a Group A aeroplane fitted with dual controls. The syllabus of training must include at least:

a. 10 hrs as PIC in accordance with instructions given by an Flying Instructor or an Assistant Flying Instructor;

b. 20 hrs as P U/T with an Assistant Flying Instructor (AFI) or an Flying Instructor (FI) which must include:

(1) 4 hrs instruction on Instrument Flying;
(2) 4 hrs instruction on pilot navigation; and
(3) 2 hrs on stall and spin awareness and avoidance training of which one hour must have been completed within the 9 months preceding the date the licence application is received. c. PPL flight Test.

For CPL (A/H) – An applicant must produce evidence that:

a. He/she is in current flying practice, qualified and serving as a pilot in the RMAF with at least 200 hrs.

b. He/she who has not completed an approved course of full time flight and ground training must log at least 500 hrs.

c. In the case of a graduate of an approved course of training – a minimum of 155 hrs is required.

For ATPL (A) – The minimum flying experience required for grant of an ATPL is 1500 hrs.

For ATPL (H) – The minimum flying experience required for grant of an ATPL is 1000 hrs.

Recording of Military Flight Time

The CAAM recognize and accepts Military flying time on a one-to-one basis.

6. What are the regulations concerning the carriage of passengers with a PPL?

The holder of a PPL may only carry non-revenue passengers (MCAR 1996, Eight Schedule, Part A 2. (3) (a)).

7. I have not flown for some time and wish to start again, what do I need to do?

Training and testing requirements to revalidate a Pilot’s License varies depending on your last flight as Pilot-in-Command.

For PPL:

a. An applicant whose most recent C of T or C of E has expired by less than 5 years will be required to pass an aircraft rating flight test, the required items to be determined by an Authorised Examiner (AE) and agreed by CAAM;

b. If expiry exceeds 5 years but less than 10 years, the requirements are to pass ground examinations in Malaysian Air Law, HPL and Aircraft Type Tech and to pass an Aircraft Rating flight test.

c. If expiry exceeds 10 years, the applicant has to pass all the ground examinations required and to pass an Aircraft Rating flight test.


a. if expiry less than 5 years, to be determined by the operator including meeting all training and testing requirements of the MCAR 1996.

b. if expiry exceeds 5 years, an assessment of training and testing requirements must be obtained from the CAAM.

8. Are there any credits from the PPL exams/flying for holders of other than Malaysian PPL licenses?

Yes. Holders of a foreign PPL will only be required to fulfill the following:

a. Pass the Malaysian Air Law, flight rules and procedures examination (except holder of Singapore and UK license and any other countries adopting UK CAA papers).

b. Pass the examination on HPL.

c. Pass a PPL flight test conducted by a CAAM examiner.

d. Hold a Class 1 or Class 2 Malaysian Medical certificate.

9. How do I convert my foreign CPL(A)/ATPL(A) to a Malaysian license?

The conversion terms for each applicant as specified by CAAM would take into consideration the following:

a. The total, type and recent flying experience of the applicant.
b. The operating capacity (captain/co-pilot) and the aircraft type the applicant has flown.
c. The aircraft type to be flown by the applicant with the sponsoring Malaysian Air Operator.
d. The circumstances leading to the issue of the foreign license e.g. the foreign license being issued on the strength of another license, previous military experience, the exemption, if any, granted by the issuing authorities etc.

For detail information, please refer to FOCN (Notice No 3).

10. How do I renew my professional pilot’s license?

Your license validity is based on your medical certificate expiry date. However, the onus is on the pilot to ensure validity of his/her various C of T to exercise the privileges of the license.

For ATPL (A), a valid Instrument Rating is required in order to renew a license.

11. How much does it cost to renew my license?

1. For a 6 months period – RM31.00.
2. For a 12 months period – RM61.00.

12. How much does it cost for an IR and Type endorsement?

1. IR is valid for 13 months – RM251.00 per year.
2. Type endorsement – RM251.00 per aircraft type.

13. Is my license validity automatically renewed upon renewal of my medical?

No. The validity of your license requires it to be physically stamped at CAAM, get it signed, pay the fees and only then is your license valid.

14. Do I have to come to CAAM upon completion of my initial type endorsement and IR?

Yes. Only a CAAM FOSI can sign your license for initial type endorsement. AN AE can sign for IR.

15. Do I require an assessment of my experience prior to commencing training for a professional license?

No. You are however required to complete an assessment form at the time of license issue.

16. What happens to my ATPL theory exams if I am unable to meet the requirements for a Malaysian ATPL?

Exam validity is for one (1) year period from the date you passed the exam until frozen ATPL certificate is issued. However, a period of five (5) years is allowed for you to achieve the stipulated flying hours.

17. Are there any approved schools for the Malaysian CPL/ATPL theoretical knowledge exams at present?

Yes. Applicants can enrolled at Flying Training Organization (FTO) such as Malaysian Flying Academy (MFA) to study for and sit the UKCAA CPL/ATPL examinations. It should be noted that a pass in these examinations would allow applicants to apply for a Malaysian CPL/ATPL restricted to Malaysian registered aeroplanes only. The MFA can be contacted at the following Tel nos: 06-317 4026 or 06-317 4834.

18. Who can sign my Certificate of Test/Certificate of Experience?

A CAAM FOSI or AE can sign a Certificate of Test/Certificate of Experience.