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ATID No. 01/2009* Criteria For The Appointment of ATC Check Officers.
ATID No. 02/2009* Criteria For The Appointment of On-The-Job Training (OJT) Officers.
ATID No. 03/2009* Guidelines On The Air Traffic Control Proficiency Theory Examinations.
ATID No. 04/2009* Guidelines On Air Traffic Control Course Examinations, Malaysia Aviation Academy.
ATID No. 01/2010* Guidelines On Approach Procedural Examination At Approach Radar Services Units.
ATID No. 02/2010* English Language Proficiency (ELP) For Air Traffic Controllers.
ATID No. 01/2011* On-The-Job Training (OJT) Centres As A Pre-requisite For Air Traffic Control (ATC) Licence Application.
ATID No. 02/2011* Licensing of Trainee Air Traffic Controller.
ATID No. 03/2011* Management of Air Traffic Control (ATC) Related Incident Investigation.
ATID No. 01/2012* Certification Of Air Traffic Control (ATC) Approved ATC Training Organisation (ATO).
ATID No. 02/2012* Guidelines For The Conduct Of ICAO English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT).
ATID No. 01/2015* The Validity of an ATC Licence
ATID-SAR Edition 2 Amendment date 06 May 2016 Search and Rescue
ATID-FPD Edition 2 issued 15 April 2016 Approval Requirements for Flight Procedure Design
ATID ATS Edition 2 Amendment 3-2016 effective 15 November 2016 Air Traffic Services
ATID MET Edition 2 Amendment 3-2016 effective 15 November 2016 Meteorological Service For International Air Navigation
ATID AIS Chart Edition 2 Amendment 3-2016 effective 15 November 2016 Aeronautical Information Services And Aeronautical Charts
ANS Standards Directives 101 Air Traffic Control – Approved Training Organisation

* All the ATIDs above has been incorporated into the ANS Requlatory Manual.