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Captain Md Jani bin Md Dom
Director of Flight Operations Sector
Tel : +603 8871 4103
Fax: +603 8871 4334
Email : janimd[at]caam[dot]gov[dot]my


The Flight Operations Division was established since the early 1970’s to manage all matters pertaining to licensing, airworthiness and calibration. A restructuring of DCA in 1992 sees the Airworthiness Unit upgraded to a separate division to undertake increasing roles and responsibilities related to air operator’s certification. Currently, the Flight Operation Division has been upgraded to a Sector.


The function of this Sector is to regulate flight operations activities inclusive of aircrew licensing and air/ground operator certification. The Flight Calibration Division of this sector provides navigational aids calibration services locally and regionally.


Flight Crew Licensing is enforced upon pilots for various categories and type ratings. This activity includes issuing, renewal and verification of pilots and flight engineers licenses. Pilot licences processed are Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). Terms apply for conversion of foreign licence by Malaysian citizens and validation of foreign licence for non-Malaysians. Please view FAQ for common queries regarding aircrew licensing and How to be a Pilot for career information.

Air Crew Examination is conducted in association with pilot licensing requirements. This Sector is the authority for setting up examination papers, invigilation and markings. The syllabus for aircrew examination includes:

Aircraft General
Air Law
ATPL Navigation Group
CPL Navigation Group
PPL Syllabus
Human Performance and Limitations
Performance Group

The completed examination application forms are available in pdf format and could be submitted by these options:

Printout and fax to +603 8871 4334 or

Postal service to:

Flight Operations Sector
Department of Civil Aviation
27 Persiaran Perdana
Level 2 Podium Block, Precinct 4
62618 Putrajaya,

Email saved file as attachment, to exam@dca.gov.my

An Air Operators Certificate is required for the provision of scheduled or non-scheduled flights, as well as any aerial works including associated training and crop spraying by any aviation companies. The Flight Operations Sector works closely with the Airworthiness Sector as the scope of work involves aircraft inspectors and assessment of flight simulator performance. A comprehensive description of inspectors’ responsibilities is documented in the Flight Operations Surveillance Inspectors (FOSI) Handbook. Information and guidance on Air Operator Administration and Air Operator Certificate is documented in FOSI Handbook – Volume II AOC. The list of applicable AOC Circulars is available in AIC 17-2005.

A Certificate of Approval is required for any organisation intending to conduct flying activities for training of student pilots or for recreational purposes.

Mandatory Occurrence Reporting (MOR) scheme allows aviation personnel to submit safety related occurrences reports which are kept in a database. Analyses of these reports are important for safety monitoring and reviews.

Accident Investigation is conducted to determine factors contributory to the accident, propose relevant safety recommendations and corrective actions.

Flight Calibration is carried out to determine accuracy and reliability of various navigational aids used in the Malaysian airspace, such as Instrument Landing System (ILS) and VOR/DME. This service is offered at regional level on contractual basis